Friday, July 29, 2011

Chai Cups

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Introduction: Traditionally-shaped chai cups made by our artisans in India. The neck of the chai cup is shaped for ease in holding. Sold in a set of four cups. Packed in a handcrafted black gift box.

Cost $19.00

Size: 2.5" d. x 3" h. 6 ounce capacity.

Handcrafted Character
Each piece is hand painted, glazed and fired in small batches in a traditional North Indian kiln. Because of their hand crafted nature, no two are exactly alike. Slight variations in the pattern, drips and imperfections in the glaze, as well as subtle shifts in shades and texture all contribute to the one of a kind character of this distinctive Indian teaware. Idiosyncrasies in appearance are part of their essential character and do not interfere with their function. All items are sold as is.

Care Suggestions - Proper care for your teaware will ensure longevity. Do not use any abrasive materials, heavy perfumed soap or bleach. The teaware is dishwasher / microwave safe.

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