Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Masala Chai

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We are so excited to offer you the best " Masala Chai " We have ever tasted

Masala Chai  In India, Masala Chai means 'spiced tea'. This method of combining tea with spices has evolved over countless generations. Chai is an exciting beverage, distinctive in flavor and a traditional favorite.  Our Masala Chai mix is a spice mixture with no added sugar, so you can cook and bake with it too! It is similar to the spices used in pumpkin pie, we are now pleased to offer you Janam's own special blend for getting the flavor just right.  Add the type of milk and sugar to suit your taste. To make it properly you must use paper filters. that we sell on line at

We offer two types of TEA BLENDS - Both Delisous

1. Assam Satrupa Estate CTC: CTC refers to the method of manufacturing tea leaves where they're 'cut, torn, and curled' to produce a small size of leaf (looks granular) that gives a full-bodied cup and lots of rich, malty flavor.  This is the best type of tea for making Masala Chai, though it's lovely on it's own with milk and sugar or lemon and honey.  It is a single-origin tea from Assam, India's largest tea producing region known for making this particular style of tea

2. Karens Masala Chai Tea Blend:  A combination of two wonderful black teas  Assam and Ceylon, we added cardamon pods, cloves, ginger root, aniseed, and vanilla bean. Delisious!

Directions to make; 
Step 1: Add two tea spoons of either of the teas mentioned and one tea spoon of Janam' Spice Mixture and add both tea and spice mixture to our bleach free tea filter,  twist filter bag at the top.

Step 2:  Place filter bag in pot or cup,  add boiling water and steep for 3 to 5 mins, remove filter bag, add  milk and sugar to taste, or cool and refrigerate, add milk and ice later for a fabulous iced chia tea. Its that simple...

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